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Town Report-Website Photo Submission Form

  1. Town Report & Website Photo Submission

    Use the form below to submit your personal photos for Town public use in the Town Annual Report or on the Town website. **Please Note-Submission does NOT guarantee your photo will be used.** By submitting your form and photo below you are granting the Town of Dover the permission and rights to use your photo for Town marketing purposes in our annual Town report and on our website.

  2. Town Seal Image

  3. Attach your photo submission here. Files up to 20 Mb are accepted and formats of .PNG or .JPEG are accepted. For other files, please contact us directly.

  4. Permission granted for the Town to use photo submission*

    I hereby certify that I am the original owner of this photograph grant permission and rights to the Town of Dover to use my photo submission free of charge and without copyright infringement for the use of marketing the Town inn the Town annual report and/or on the Town's website.

  5. By tying your full name you are signing this document electronically and agreeing to the above terms and conditions.

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