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Footer Town of DoverTown of Dover FY ’20 Goals - Year in Review

Please read our FY ’20 Year-in-Review presentation below and learn more about the status of our goals as we work together to meet our objectives and grow together as a Town. 

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Dover Town House brick building across the green lawn

FY ’20 Board of Selectmen Goals

1. Modernization

a. Onboard Assistant Town Administrator & Project Manager

b. Technology Strategic Reviews & Backup Staffing

c. Roll out Revamped Website

d. Develop Communication Policy

2. Long-term Financial Planning

a. Plan for Capital Stabilization Fund

b. Plan for OPEB Funding Strategy

c. Develop a Free Cash Policy

d. Provide Senior Tax Relief

e. Plan for Open Space Fund

3. Community Inclusion

a. Respond to Citizen Issues in a Timely Manner

4. Town Governance Structure

a. Review the Town’s Operational Structure

Review: Town of Dover FY ’20 Goals - Midyear Update