Mattress & Box Springs

Mattress Recycling

Disposal at the Transfer Station

  • The Dover Transfer Station does not accept mattresses or box springs as refuse except for two times a year during the Fall and Spring Special Recycling Weekends.  Watch for announcements with the dates.
  • Two weeks are designated each year (usually June and November) to accept mattresses and box springs for recycling at no charge to residents. Watch for announcements from the Recycling Committee of the Fall and Spring Special Recycling Weekends.

Self Delivery to Conigliaro

  • As an alternative to the two designated weeks at the Transfer Station (for mattress and box spring recycling), residents can take their mattresses and box springs (plus the additional items listed) directly to Conigliaro Industries, Inc. 508-872-9668) at 701 Waverly Street, Framingham, MA 01702 and recycle them for the following fees plus Mass Sales Tax (6.25%):
  • Mattresses or box springs, depending on size - $15 to $18 each
  • Upholstered furniture, couches, chairs - $20 each
  • Computer cathode ray tube (CRT) - $15 each
  • TV less than 27 inch - $25 each
  • TV over 27 inch - $35 each
  • White goods, small appliances and air conditioning with Freon - $15 each
  • White goods, large appliances with Freon - $20 each
  • Porcelain toilet - $20 each

Curbside Pick-up by Conigliaro

If self-delivery is not convenient, residents can call Conigliaro 508-872-9668) and make arrangements for curbside pick-up of the items listed above for the associated fee plus a pick-up fee of $75 (plus Mass Sales Tax). If items need to be taken out of the home, additional arrangements and labor fees can be agreed between resident and Conigliaro.