Springdale Study Committee Community Input Worksheets


46 Springdale Ave. Site


On 11/4/2014  the Town voted to fund the purchase ($5.55M) of 27.2 acres at 46 Springdale Avenue, the final step in a 6-month process. This allowed the Town to gain control over future development of this site and secured our ability to undertake a deliberate and comprehensive approach to determining best future uses and outcomes to benefit the Town.  The Board of Selectmen committed to establishing an ad-hoc committee to study any and all uses of the property and  subsequently appointed   the Springdale Study Committee (SSC).


Charge (excerpt)

This Committee is charged by the Dover Board of Selectment to study any and all possible uses of the 46 Springdale property recently acquired by the Town of Dover.  This study should include an in-depth analysis of the potential uses identified during the initial review process as well as any additional uses that result from the Committee’s activities. Short- and long-term considerations of each use should include, where applicable: financial; Dover zoning, by-law and other regulations; Mass. General Laws (MGL); and relationship to Dover’s various planning documents, including the Master Plan and Open Space Plan. The full Charge is posted at: http://www.doverma.org/town-government/boards-committees/springdale-study-committee/.


Initiation  of  Site  Study  Process  and  Community  Input

Following appointment,  the SSC  was first convened on Jan. 14, 2015 and has begun the study process  working with Town agency liasons and the community.  As part of this process we seek to provide opportunities for public input  through open Committee meetings,  community workshops, and through on-line participation.  Two worksheets are below for your use: Worksheet A – Proposed Future Uses – 46 Springdale Ave. Site, and optional Worksheet  B – Supplemental  Input – 46 Springdale Ave. Site.  Feel free to return and complete and submit more than one ”A”  or  ”B” sheet. Optional Worksheet B is provided so that you may consider and give input regarding aspects pertaining to zoning and existing Town plans and related reports. 

Available Information

The Town has assembled much helpful information about the process and site to date.  This information is accessible at: http://www.doverma.org/town-government/boards-committees/springdale-study-committee/ by clicking on  ”Information”.  The Committee encourages everyone to take a look at the various applicable documents as well as presentations provided so as to gain a good understanding of  key information and overall context.

Important Considerations as You Think about Potential Uses

The Board of Selectmen have noted multiple important considerations in their Charge  to the Committee.  Among these are a number of  resources  which  relate to how  we  can plan together for best future outcomes for the Springdale Ave. site and our Town.  These resources include:

  • Dover 2012 Master Plan
  • Open Space and Recreation Plan, 2011 Update
  • Zoning By-Law

The  SSC  seeks to encourage a creative approach to thinking about future uses while keeping in mind the needs, priorities, and values expressed in Town planning documents along with  applicable regulations and by-laws.  Additional information is provided in two handouts prepared by the  Dover Planning Board:

  • ”46 Springdale” – summarizes information pertaining to current zoning, subdivisions, and allowed uses.
  • Ch 185, Zoning ByLaws, Article III. Use Regulations provides a chart of uses by zone called Schedule of Use Regulations.  See R-1 for the zone applicable to the property.

A note regarding uses  in the current R-1 zone:  Uses listed in the Schedule of Use Regulations as A and P would be available under current zoning.  Other uses would usually require rezoning of the site or portion of the site where such uses might be located, all subject to applicable Town procedures.

Current List of Potential Future Uses to be Reviewed

The following uses have been compiled by the SSC to date:

Aquifer: new water source for the town.

Community farming.

Community garden.

Equestrian center.

Hold site for future use.

Open space: maintain 24 acres of 61A land as open space for passive recreation.

Recreation – TBD.

Recreation: Town Community Center similar to Weston Recreation Center with pool and sports    fields (and possibly leased to YMCA).

Sell existing home and 61A acreage.

Sell with use restrictions.

Senior Center (existing house).

Senior housing.

Affordable housing (with preference given to long-term Dover residents).

Solar farm.

Subdivision: sell all or part of the property for alternate development.


Please use the following forms  to submit  any suggestions regarding future use or uses. These will then be included in the list of uses for evaluation by the Committee. 

Feel free to talk with or contact any of our Springdale Study Committee members noted on the SSC link at: http://www.doverma.org/town-government/boards-committees/springdale-study-committee/ 


Worksheet A – Proposed Future Uses – 46 Springdale Ave. Site

Please complete the worksheet to the extent possible.

Type of use and description.

1. Indicate type of proposed use:

2. Summarize overall description of use:

Expain Community needs met and benefits provided.

3. Explain needs met by proposed use:

4. State the estimated number and types of people who would benefit from this use:

5. Describe the overall benefit to the Town:

Additional Comments

6. Please provide any additional comments you think would be helpful regarding the proposed use:

Contact Information in case further clarification may be needed from participant:




Thank you for participating and submitting your suggestions to the Springdale Study Committee. Click Send or skip over send and continue below for the optional Worksheet B - Supplemental Input.

Worksheet B – Supplemental Input – 46 Springdale Ave. Site (optional)

Proposed Use

1. Indicate type of proposed use:

Indicate how the use relates to Town zoning and Schedule of Use Regulations.

2. If you think this use is currently available in the R-1 zone, please state Use name and # from Schedule:

3. If you think a different zone may be needed for the proposed use, please state applicable Zone, Use name and # from Schedule:

Describe how this use relates to Town planning documents or reports.

4. The use would help fulfill the vision and implement the following recommendation(s) articulated in the Dover 2012 Master Plan:

 Check if unsure how this relates to Master Plan.

5. The use would implement the following priority item(s) identified in the “Action Plan” within the Open Space and Recreation Plan, 2013 Update:

 Check if unsure how this relates to Open Space and Recreation Plan.

6. The use would help meet community need(s) or goal(s) articulated in another Town report or document. Indicate the document and applicable needs/goals:

 Check if unsure whether this use relates to other Town documents.

Thank you for participating and submitting your suggestions to the Springdale Study Committee.

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