Springdale Study Committee


On 11/4/2014, the Town voted to fund the purchase ($5.55M) of 27.2 acres at 46 Springdale Avenue, the final step in a 6-month review process. The Board of Selectmen committed to establishing an ad-hoc committee to study any and all uses of the property. At the 5/1/2017 Town Meeting the Town voted to move forward with Option 1. (Details below under “Information”)



This committee is charged by the Dover Board of Selectmen to study any and all possible uses of the 46 Springdale property recently acquired by the Town of Dover. This study should include an in-depth analysis of the potential uses identified during the review process (see below) as well as any additional uses that result form the committee’s activities. Short- and long-term considerations of each use should include, where applicable: financial; Dover zoning, by-law and other regulations; MGL; and relationship to Dover’s various planning documents, including the Master Plan and Open Space Plan.

The Committee will consist of 8-10 at-large members appointed by the Board of Selectmen for a term equal to the life of the Committee, and non-voting liaisons from the BOS, Planning Board, Conservation Commission, Open Space Committee, Council on Aging, Board of Health, Warrant Committee and Capital Budget Committee appointed by their respective board/committee. The committee is authorized to create sub-committees to explore specific uses and, with BOS approval, appoint additional members to the sub-committees.  It is expected that the Committee will take advantage of the resources provided by Town Departments (e.g., public safety, town planner, engineering, wetlands, septic , wells) before using outside consultants. Expenditures from the $25,000 fund approved at the 9/15/2014 Special Town Meeting for consulting services must receive prior approval by the BOS.

Given the positive response received by the BOS from the use of the town’s website to provide on-going information to Dover’s citizens during the review process, the Committee will use its Committee page on the website to post documents, reports, etc. in a timely manner. It is expected that the Committee will also hold public hearings during its study period and submit formal quarterly reports to the BOS.

It will be the Committee ‘s responsibility to work with the BOS in the communication of the recommendation(s) and education of our citizens in preparation for an informed Town Meeting vote.



Position Name Email Expires
Member Eric Aborjaily eaborjaily@doverma.org at end of project
Member Juris Alksnitis jalksnitis@doverma.org at end of project
Member Nancy Kostakos nkostakos@doverma.org at end of project
Member Doug Novitch dnovitch@doverma.org at end of project
Member Anne Reitmayer areitmayer@doverma.org at end of project
Member Matt Schmid mschmid@doverma.org at end of project
Member Doug Straus dstraus@doverma.org at end of project
Member Catherine White catherinewhite@doverma.org at end of project



Check the Town Calendar for meeting dates and times. Review the Springdale Study Committee’s meeting minutes for a record of their meetings.