Caryl Community Center Committee

The Caryl Community Center Project Committee is a volunteer working committee appointed by the Dover MA Board of Selectmen to help inform and engage residents about our upcoming Community Center vote October 7, 2019.

MISSION: “To produce in anticipation of a town meeting in 2019, facility options for town voters to choose whether to fully renovate and continue to provide community programs at Caryl or to build a new community center facility for that purpose.” (Read the full mission and project guidance here.)

We post key documents, updates, and meeting minutes on this page, and also host other channels to engage the community. You can subscribe to this page (auto-notifications if anything on the page changes), subscribe to our email list at, or follow us on Facebook (

To request updates, ask a question, or share a comment, please visit us there … or simply reach out to a member you know.

Selectmen Liaison: Bob Springett
Chairperson: Ford Spalding
Appointees: Lauren Brodsky, Amy Collins, Rich Forte, Erin Rodat-Savla, Terry Sobolewski
Stakeholder Liaisons: Jen Cashman (DMA), Bob Cox (COA), Aaron Hader (DSHS), Val Lin (Parks & Rec), Karen Pierce (Dover Foundation), Amee Tejani (PTO /Friends of the Library)


11-19 CCC Committee Minutes

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