Town Meeting

2020 Dover Town Meeting Has Been Postponed to June 29, 2020.

Dover Town MeetingFooter Town of Dover

The Town of Dover will be holding an outdoor Town Meeting at 11 AM on Monday, June 29, at the Dover Sherborn Regional football field, rain or shine.

Watch Town Meeting LIVE online HERE!

All attendees must wear face masks for the duration of the meeting unless there is a medical need not to. If you have a medical condition and cannot wear a mask, please inform the Town Clerk at in advance of the meeting so we may accommodate you in a safe manner.

Please Read: An Important Note on the 2020 Dover Annual Town Meeting

See Below for All Town Meeting Resources & Procedures

A few tips for those attending Town Meeting – Monday June 29, 2020 – 11:00 AM at Nora Searle Field

The Moderator will run through this abbreviated Town Meeting as concisely as possible, but a few items may make it more comfortable for you:

  • We will only have one line checking in, with appropriate social distancing as you wait, so you may want to come a little early to be checked in.
  • We are requesting that all attendees wear a mask, put on when you exit your car, and kept on until you are back in your car.
  • Apply sunscreen before you come, so you don’t get sunburned.
  • Bring a bottle of water!
  • A hat (we are out in the open, not under a tent!)
  • The Blue Book (we will provide if needed)
  • A rain jacket or umbrella (because you never know…)
  1. Articles for Consideration
  2. Virtual Forums
  3. June 11th Forum
  4. June 18th Forum
  5. June 24th Forum
  6. June 26th Forum
  7. June 27th Forum

The Board of Selectmen has limited Articles to be considered at Town Meeting to those “that are essential to the functioning of the Town’s government” such as the Operating budget, the Capital Budget, our elected officials’ salaries, free cash and the revolving funds

The following Articles will be considered:

Article 1. Salaries for Elected Officials
Article 2. Revolving Funds
Article 3. Operating Budget (COVID-adjusted version)
Article 4. Capital Budget
Article 6. Road Reconstruction Approval
Article 14. One time projects
Article 15. Reserve Fund
Article 16. Unpaid Bills
Article 30. Free Cash to Reduce the Tax Rate