trash Dover Announces New Food Waste Diversion Effort

Effective early August, the Dover Transfer Station will have collection totes for all food scraps! This includes bones, shells, tea bags, coffee grounds, all meats, eggs, and fish. All food must be bagged. Residents may use any type of bag – plastic, paper or compostable. The town recommends the use of compostable bags. Your food scraps are sent to an anaerobic digester where they are converted to electricity! Your participation in this program helps reduce the amount of waste going to landfills and improves the environment. Stay tuned for more details on the Dover Facebook page,, the Dover MA town website, and the local newspapers.

Road Paving

Road Paving

The Town of Dover will begin its road resurfacing program the week of July 9, 2019. The following roads will be resurfaced:

– Dover Center – Springdale Avenue and Dedham Street around the Town House Common
– Centre Street to Hutton Road
– Hutton Road
– Yorkshire Road
– Greystone Road

infotechTechnology Advisory Board

At their meeting of July 11, the Board of Selectmen approved the Technology Advisory Board Charge. It can be viewed here.

imagesImportant Notice from the Board of Assessors

Judy Sambor, a contractor who has been hired by the Board of Assessors, will be traveling throughout the Town of Dover from May through the beginning of December for the purpose of measuring and inspecting properties that have not been visited within the last ten years; properties for which building, plumbing, gas, or electrical permits have been issued; or properties that have undergone a physical change since June 30, 2018.  For your protection, please confirm that she is driving a 2009 gray Toyota RAV4 with Massachusetts registration number 6WL223.

The accuracy of the data collected in the field is critical to the valuation process and will help to guarantee that all taxpayers are responsible for only their fair share of the expenses of administering the town.

Your cooperation and assistance during these inspections is appreciated, and we apologize for any inconvenience you may encounter as a result of Ms. Sambor’s visit.  If you have any questions, please contact the Assessors’ office at 785-0032, ext. 223 or ext. 241.  For further confirmation of Ms. Sambor’s identity on a weekend, you may also telephone the Dover Police at 785-1130.  If you receive a card at your home, please call or email the office ( to schedule an inspection.

town-seal-small Community Center Project Committee

Click here for the mission statement and recent minutes.