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September 9th, 2014 State Primary Election Results


 town-seal-smallSpecial Town Meeting

46 Springdale Ave. Ch. 61A Purchase and Sale Right-of-First Refusal Opportunity

On April 4, 2014 The Board of Selectmen received a Notice pursuant to MGL C. 61A that a 27.2 -acre parcel located at 46 Springdale Avenue and owned by Jim Snyder, is under a Purchase and Sale agreement to Northland Residential Corp. for a Chapter 40B project consisting of 40+ townhouse units. Twenty-four acres are classified as Ch.61A agricultural land and the remaining acreage is a house lot. The Town had 120 days to notify the seller whether or not it intended to exercise its right-of-first refusal and acquire the property.

At its 7/21 meeting the Board of Selectmen voted to exercise its option to acquire 27.2 acres of land at 46 Springdale subject to approval at a Special Town Meeting per dates below. All information on this property including a timeline, answers to questions, and relevant documents as the Town goes through the process can be found at http://www.doverma.org/46-springdale/.  

September 3, 2014: BOS meeting at 7:30pm for a public discussion (Open Hearing) of issues related to potential acquisition of 46 Springdale Avenue prior to Special Town Meeting.

September 15, 2014: Special Town Meeting at which Town Meeting votes whether or not to purchase the property subject to a debt exclusion.  Click here for the Special Town Meeting Warrant
Town Meeting voted in the affirmative (by 2/3 vote) so:

November 4, 2014: Special Town Election to decide whether or not to approve a debt exclusion (majority vote).

 compostComposting Food Scraps UPDATE

The Dover Board of Health (BOH) would like to remind Dover residents that it supervises a composting service for the Dover schools as well as for private homes. Food scraps are collected once per week from private homes (by an area pig farmer) and composted for animal feed. FOOD SCRAP CONTAINERS (5 gal) ARE available for $ 7.00 at Town Garage Mo-Fri from 1 to 4 pm. For those interested in joining this effort or to obtain more information, please contact the BOH at 508-785-0032, ext. 232 or boh@doverma.org.

 Volunteers1Volunteers Needed

The Board of Selectmen and Town Moderator will be filling open positions on various  boards and committees over the next 2 months. We welcome volunteers to help govern the town through the over  25 committees established by our Town by-laws.  If you are interested in volunteering to support town activities please contact us. This website  has information on each committee and board,  and our contact information. Specific openings will be announced shortly. Interest in Volunteering Form